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Paladin’s® revolutionary architecture sets the benchmark for signal integrity performance in backplane interconnects. Exhibiting smooth linear transmission beyond 40GHz, the lowest crosstalk in the market, and consistent SI performance over its entire mating range.

Paladin’s® breakthrough technologies enable our customers to design complex systems to support today’s data rates, with headroom for tomorrow’s performance requirements.

Paladin® is designed for scalability and flexibility through use of a simplified connector construction. It also offers the broadest product platform in the industry, supporting traditional backplanes, cable backplanes, over 100 potential direct orthogonal configurations, and much more.

95ohm nominal impedance+/- 5ohm impedance variation
Industry leading signal to noise performanceOver 40dB of IL to XT seperation at 25GHz
Linear transmission beyond 40GHzNo stub resonances from signal contacts
High Isolation and symmetrical footprintBest in class crosstalk and common mode conversion performance with 40GHz of bandwidth
Mechanically and electrically matched signal lengths within each differential pairSkew-less design without the routing challenges of a broadside coupled architecture
Consistent Signal Integrity performance over the connector’s full wipe rangeLess than 5ohms of impedance change while the connector is de-mated up to 2mm
Common mating interface and optmized square pitchBroad product family that supports traditional backplane, direct orthogonal, cable, co-planar, and mezzanine orientations
Footprint routes both horizontally and vertically with traditional PCB manufacturing technologiesDual track routing reduces board layers and system costs

4X8 Paladin Cable, 30 AWG, 40 GHz HS30720061
4X8 Paladin Cable, 28 AWG, 40 GHz HS30753261
4X8 Paladin Cable, 30 AWG, 25 GHz HS30780081

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